Final Countdown—-SENIORRR

B.The best thing about senior year hasn’t happened yet. There were definitely lots of highlights, but graduating BHS on my 18th Birthday is going to be pretty rad.

C. I would tell my freshman self to calm down and not be afraid of what people think, because in the end it really does not matter. I would also tell my freshman self to stay away from boys for the next…at least two years.

D. The college price spike will have a huge impact on all of us, especially if college loans double like they are set to. College is supposed to be affordable, and it seems like were being handed the world in an unmanageable and unaffordable state.

E. A lot of songs remind me of senior year. Unfortunately, Rack City…because it was played a billion times during the whole rally day process. The catchy and annoying We are Young song really reminds me of senior year.

F. I learned a lot of really important things this year. I learned how to survive a professional environment with my internship, a huge amount about how the Gov’t works, and the Economics unit has really helped me get a grasp of what I’m about to walk into. Gov and Econ were kind of a crash course of the real world I feel like. Becker’s class changed the way my brain works and made me a deeper thinker and better arguer, which is pretty useful too.

G. I am proud of a lot of things this year. I am proud that I finished another challenging program, my internship. I’m proud to be almost a year sober. I am proud that I have even made it to this point, and that I’m graduating.


I. ” worry is a misuse of the imagination”

final countdown-$ophmoric

B. Not much changed for me returning to school sophomore year. Expect that I moved across the country, started a new school, lived in a different house, made new friends, went from quiet shy kid to party animal, my parents split up, and I became a very different person. Other then that…everything else pretty much stayed the same.

C.Most of sophomore year was a blur, but I do remember the Tiger Woods affair scandal really well. It was all over the news for a loooonggg timmmeee. And the BP oil spill, but that came a little later in the year.

D. I took drivers ed my sophomore year in school, which was interesting. I still have yet to earn my permit and failed the NJ written test twice so I obviously did not learn much in that class. But we would watch car crash videos all the time, and my teacher was straight out of an SNL skit. We also learned about the Salem Witch Trials in English, and only watched 9/11 movies in my history class while my 25-year-old teacher played online poker. Ohhhh dirty jerzzzz.

E. To be honest, I am proud of myself for surviving the whole experience. Sophomore year was a really really really challenging one, and it is without a doubt the year I gained the most life experience, and was forced to grow up rather quickly. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

F.Poem from sophomore year

No place like home
Berkeley love bay breeze fog floats over our
street sign slang washed sidewalks
Our tie dye breath
Get together, Thai Indian etc..
Authentic family threaded stands
Our hemp bracelets and legalize stickers
Bleed red and yellow
Blue and gold
Our pride sweats 510
Our vintage everything
Piercing tattoo mecca
Our every color every culture
Our independent alternative
New age crazy yogi no bullshit
Peace playground
Our fog filled 510 
My home.

G. “My name is sophie, not cali”

final countdownn- Juniorz

B.The hardest thing about being a junior was getting my academic life together, and re acclimating myself back into Berkeley.The SAT was hard, getting my grades up was hard, balancing the Holocaust program, school and my crazy family drama was hard. Junior year all together was pretty damn hard.

C. The Japan earthquake was a pretty big news story for a long time because of the magnitude and lovely aftereffects , as well as the beginning of the occupy movement. A lot of crazy stuff went down last year.

D. The biggest surprise of my junior year was at the end, when I realized that I was going to be a senior and I was that much closer to being done. I got so caught up in being better academically and college apps and all that, I forgot the big picture along the way. I remember being genuinely surprised at the end of it all that I only had one more year left.

E. I remember reading the book Sula, taking and failing geometry yet another time, and doing our spring IDP about the Vietnam war which I wrote a poem about. I really liked learning about the Vietnam war, because I had spent so much time in my life learning about WW2, I never really thought about any other wars that had gone on. It was interesting to see the parallels of the two, and the drastic differences.

F. I was especially proud of finishing the Holocaust program through the JFCS. Every Sunday for most of the year I would drive to San Rafael to learn in great depth about the Holocaust, and I had to interview a survivor and write an extensive essay about his experience as part of a collective. I usually tend to give up when things get challenging, but I persisted through the rigorous program and in the end got lots of community service hours, and was published. 

G. http://www.jfcs.org/services/youth/next-chapter-project/holocaust-survivor-essays/ed-lichtman

H. “waaaiiittt……what?”


b. I will always remember freshman year as the year Obama got elected- That was all the news talked about for a loooonngg long time

c.I remember our poetry workshops in Ms. Cunanne’s class really well. We learned the basics of poetry writing, and how to workshop pieces and had poetry readings at the end of each class. This stood out to me above everything else because it was something I immediately took to, and eventually became the reason I consider myself an artist. 

d. If I could re-do one thing from freshman year, I would have gone to rally day. I was shy and didn’t see the point in going.

e. self affirmation poem from freshman year 

Who am I?

I am my grandpa, Crawling through the snow to escape the Natzies

I am my mom putting herself through collage and law school no matter how hard it was

I am my Ashkenazi Jew eyes

My moms hair

My grandmas smile

I am Irish, Russian Jew, Native American, Russian Jew

I am the cowboy and the Indian

I am my mothers sad eyes, as deep and blue as the sea

I am my twin brothers laugh

I am strong because of my blood

Determined because of those before me

I am myself through music and dance

The one creaky door inside that’s always half open

I am grounded like a tree, my thick roots underneath me

My family looking over my shoulder

I am strong 

I try to be

I am me

f. I will not use the word cant to define my possibilities 

The preezy of the United Steezy

        I highly doubt any other country has a president as dope as ours..just sayin. I thought this was great. Although this way of conveying information was a tad unconventional, he defiantly connected with a wide range of audiences. Some people say that he was targeting younger generations and college students, but he is talking about college debt….so that seemed like an appropriate target audience. I did not think this made him less credible at all.  I thought it showed that he had a sense of humor, and made him easier to relate to.  I completely agree with what was said.   Now is not the time to make education unattainable, and raising student loans would do that. Students should not have to sacrifice owning a home one day or starting a family in the future, because the debt from their college loans are taking away every penny. Education is supposed to be accessible to everyone, not only the wealthy.  I’m unsure of a solid solution, and I’m sure I am far from standing alone on that one, but something needs to change if we don’t want our nation to slip into Idiocracy from lack of an education, that’s for damn sure. 

Po$t 18

1. The Fed is the U.S.’s central banking system

2. It was created in December 23, 1913, because there wasn’t a formal and organized financial system before it, and there needed to provide stability and make it more trustworthy.


4. According to the FBR website, The Fed is in charge of…

"Conducting the nation’s monetary policy by influencing money and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of full employment and stable prices"

"Supervising and regulating banks and other important financial institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation’s banking and financial system and to protect the credit rights of consumers"

"Maintaining the stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets"

"Providing certain financial services to the U.S. government, U.S. financial institutions, and foreign official institutions, and playing a major role in operating and overseeing the nation’s payments systems."

5.The Fed has faced criticism since its creation, but recent dispute has been focused on the Troubled Asset Relief Program of 2008 and 2009 and the bailout of major banks, insurance and mortgage companies, as well as the industrial companies General Motors and Chrysler.

Post # 17

This article just confirms my serious phobia of credit cards. I know myself too well, and I have always told myself that I will stay far far far away from credit cards and their impending doom of life crushing debt. Why will I be staying far away from credit cards?

- In 2004, the average college student had $946 in credit card debt. By 2009, the average stood at more than $4,100

-Only 9.4% of credit-card-carrying college students paid off their debt in full each month

- Only 14.6% of the surveyed students claimed to know their interest rates — and the actual percentage probably was much lower.

OY VEY! These facts stood out to me for a number of reasons. First, with student loan debt and other college related expenses, an added unnecessary $1,000 on top of that is preposterous. The second fact isn’t that surprising, because many people see credit cards as free money, and pay the bare minimum on their debt to get by because they really don’t have the money.
It’s clear that not many people understand the true nature of credit, and this misunderstanding and never ending vicious cycle will without question continue to effect the nations economic health.
The article states that some students say that credit cards are a greater threat than STD’s and alcohol. In a college atmosphere, those two issues tend to me a huge problem…and this is stating that a little piece of plastic is more dangerous than both of those? They are dangerous because they seem harmless, but can have catastrophic effects on people’s finances, future, and the future of our economic well being.

tumblr #16 



       1.Well, $500,000 a Year Might Sound Like a Lot, but I’m Hardly Rich.”

       2.The amount that I have to reinvest in my business and feed my family is   more like $600,000 … and so by the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over …”

      3."Come on, we’re all in this together! It’s not like I have infinite money.

      4.This is ridiculous. It reminds me of the “poor in spirit” comment..just cut the  crap  and admit that you’re ballin, this fake modesty thing isn’t cute


    1. Hey, I Worked Hard to Get What I Have!”

    2. "Why, oh why, does the media bolster President Obama’s rhetoric by using his term: ‘the rich’? Would it not be more appropriate to say ‘the successful,’ or ‘those who work harder?"

    3. "I’m not Paris Hilton! I work 70-hour weeks to make this salary!"
     4. Some people do earn what they have, but most have some sort of help   from   someone along the way. It goes without saying that tons of wealthy people definitely don’t work for every dollar they earn. Some people work constantly and can barley stay afloat, some work just as much and make more money. A lucky few are born into it, or have wealth handed to them. It really just depends.  If you’re rich, you’re rich….just say it instead of beating around the bush.

Be afraid….be very afraid. 

Be afraid….be very afraid. 

tumblr 15B

1. The economic situation in Panem is unusual because they are technologically advanced, with the capability to build advanced weapons and strong engineering capabilities, but are under extreme economic inequality. 

2.Prosperity works because of Capital Accumulation  and the “Solow residual" of technology. Although, the knowledge of how to build a prosperous society is more important than having the "physical stuff".

        -This economic theory is continued through supply & demand

3. Panem is rich in knowledge yet poor and famine stricken because of the “reversal of fortune.” “It turns out that if you turn the clock back about 500 years, the pattern was reversed. The places that are rich today were poor then, while those that are poor today were generally rich in the past. This, they argue, is no coincidence”

4.A reversal of fortune is when economic statuses reverse.. When the poor become the rich, and vice versa.

5. One of the major issues with an econ running on primary sector jobs, is the rapid pace of materials running out.